The automotive industry is a major driver of industrial development all over the world as it represents one of the largest industries in terms of revenue, number of employees and research and development spending. However, OEMs and suppliers alike are constantly under pressure to continuously improve their operations, as they face challenges such as increased demand for customer adaptations; ever shorter product life cycles; rapid technological development; tougher safety and environmental standards; and excess global production capacity.

Demands on lower environmental impact for instance affect both powertrain and vehicle development to large extent. It pushes for both completely new solutions, as well as fine tuning of traditional techniques. The demands span the complete product life cycle, and so the total value chain is affected – from conceptual studies to vehicles demolition.

Another area of increasing importance is vehicle electronics and software, as a larger portion of customer value lies in added features such as active safety and infotainment systems. Customers expect the same level of experience in their cars as on their mobile phones, and different systems must therefore work seamlessly together.

Fuel economy and safety are two other factors driving the industry forward. The introduction of electric powertrains is gradually shifting competitive advantages from engines to batteries and active safety features are extending vehicles’ interaction to surroundings and other vehicles – driving development towards completely autonomous vehicles.

ISEA’s experts carry a long experience from working with car OEMs on everything from product strategy and development to aftermarket sales. Our cross-functional and cross-industry expertise provides a complete perspective on decisions to be made, and the lessons learned from executive positions provide valuable input to clients, especially during the execution of large operational initiatives.

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The ISEA expert team helped a global cars manufacturer in setting up new working procedures and support systems to achieve a more focused product development setup. Read more

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