Clean energy

Securing the world’s energy supply and finding clean and efficient alternatives to fossil fuels is one of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century. With nuclear power under debate in many countries, and the supply of fossil fuels being sensitive to geopolitical conflicts, policy makers and companies are looking at clean energy alternatives not only for environmental reasons, but also to provide long-term energy supply.

A key challenge for the industry is to demonstrate economically feasible storage options for intermittent sources such as wind and solar, as it is essential for large scale adoption of any renewable energy source. The industry is also faced with the challenge of operating in a shifting regulatory environment with uncertain political outcomes affecting investments’ future prospects. For smaller companies active in the clean energy space this comes alongside the challenges involved in scaling a technology to commercial levels, and acquiring the funding required to do so.

ISEA supports companies within all industries in identifying business opportunities in clean energy alternatives and in navigating the policy environment. Our experts work with companies of all sizes and are involved at every stage from technology development to commercialization.

Success cases

ISEA helped secure funding for a pilot plant facility to demonstrate the scalability of a new renewable energy source. Read more

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