Commercial vehicles

The commercial vehicles industry covers an exceptionally wide range of markets and applications. Few other advanced volume products need to meet such a variation in usage, market and environmental conditions, with vehicles operating in everything from the jungles of Malaysia to the tundra of Siberia.

The focus of the commercial vehicles industry is to constantly make their customers’ business more profitable by providing products and services supporting improved up-time, productivity, fuel-efficiency, safety and security. A deep understanding of customers' business is therefore vital, and in many cases OEMs need to integrate their activities with customers’ core business operations.

To meet the demand on up-time, the aftermarket structure and operations are extremely important. Different operators present different demands, where service needs to be local for some, and global for others. For example, rapid “On site” or “On road” assistance services puts pressure on spare parts supply and logistics. Coupled with customers increasingly demanding aftermarket support only on occasions when their business allows vehicles to stand still, makes service planning extremely challenging.

Customer profitability is also highly dependent on driver efficiency. Drivers are representatives for the operators, and their behavior is therefore an important business factor. In order to attract and keep the best drivers, the product has to meet high standards on performance, comfort and design.

In addition, tougher environmental standards are pushing for lower emissions, driving technological development forward at a high pace to meet legislative demands. At the same time, opens rapid electronics and software development up possibilities to increase customers’ business efficiency by e.g. optimizing logistics and influencing driver behavior, hence reducing transport time and fuel cost.

ISEA’s experts actively support the commercial vehicles industry both with strategic and operational management challenges, for example in building more complete total offerings that better meet customer demands. Leveraging ISEA’s long experience from the automotive industry, the experts advise clients on all aspects of business, from product development to aftermarket sales and services.

Success cases

ISEA helped a large commercial vehicles manufacturer introduce a new process for analyzing, developing and producing customer adapted variants of its products. Read more

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