Defense and public security

Society today faces a broader spectrum of asymmetric threats such as terrorist attacks and cyber warfare performed by individuals or small groups.  Complex interdependencies both between and within nation states make it difficult to build situation awareness and to take action. In addition, the internet has brought a new battle ground, with disinformation being spread through social networks.

One major challenge in this environment is how to gather accurate intelligence data, and transform it into relevant information that allows government entities and authorities to make accurate decisions. Solutions must ensure the information is not only accurate, but also can be shared timely and securely between relevant entities.  At the same time, the competitive landscape in military surveillance is changing and has led to an increased downward price pressure on systems. The line between commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and military technology is blurring, and COTS are increasingly entering military application due their more rapid technological development.

ISEA supports the defense and public security industry with building new business models around the integration of commercial solutions in military contexts, and in managing the transition from long term product life cycle management to consumables management. ISEA's experts rely upon a combination of military and commercial experience gained through long careers in top management positions.

Success cases

ISEA supported a provider of military command & control systems in developing a business plan for entering a new market segment, resulting in direct commercial opportunities and contracts. Read more

ISEA helped a traditional defense company expand into the public security customer segment by addressing the challenges presented by the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Read more

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