Life science

The life science industry is currently going through a major transformation. From a situation of high profitability during the past decades, the industry is now facing a decline in margins. Many high margin innovations, both in pharmaceuticals and medical device, are facing competition from generics as a result of expiring IP protection and fast emerging low cost producers.

The overall growth in the life science industry remains high due to significant growth in emerging economies as well as general demographic and health trends. We live longer and we expect a reasonable quality of life as we age. Other important factors are "way of living" related health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

The industry needs to adapt to a situation where product cycles become increasingly shorter and a high pace in product innovations is crucial for retaining growth and margins. For the industry, effective sourcing and procurement systems become critical to stay competitive in an environment of increased cost pressure from the public health sector.

ISEA works with pharmaceutical, medical technology and medical device companies across all categories and sectors. Our experts focus on the specific areas which are most critical to business success. ISEA experts have extensive senior experience spanning from R&D to commercialization in large, global organizations, as well as from incorporating academic projects and taking startups all the way up to IPOs.

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