Marine biotechnology

The steady growth of the world’s population creates major challenges for securing food supply. This in combination with the ambition of building a sustainable society based on a renewable energy supply creates an inherent conflict between allocating land area for agriculture and the need of cultivation areal for energy crops. This development has put an extra focus on utilizing the huge potential of the oceans, moving away from traditional fishing to more sophisticated aquaculture for food supply, and also towards new technologies for marine based energy supply.

ISEA experts have extensive experience from creating new businesses within the marine biotech industry. Involvement in startups, such as in aquaculture and renewable energy, as well as a deep understanding of how to commercialize new technology, has positioned ISEA as an attractive partner to support and provide expert know-how to new institutes and startups.

Key expertise:

  • Research and development
  • Innovations and startups

Success cases

ISEA and Triathlon assessed the business case for establishing a research and business park for marine biotechnology in a sub-tropical country. Read more

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